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Puckeys Estate Nature Reserve

Puckeys Estate Nature Reserve is an annex of Wollongong Botanic Garden.

Located in North Wollongong, it is a rare coastal habitat that includes rainforest, dunes and marshland. It’s home to around 130 different types of birds, and several endangered plant communities. Learn more about the bird habitat provided by some of the plants found here in Council’s Birds of Lake Illawarra brochure.

Puckeys Estate is also an important heritage site and was originally inhabited by local Aboriginal peoples. It has a strong connection with the Aboriginal people who are the Traditional Custodians of the Land. Learn more on our Timeline.

In the early 20th century, the site was used as a salt mill by the late Courtney Puckey. Some historic remains of the salt works and Puckey’s homestead can still be found at the southern end of the reserve.

You can explore the reserve with a 1.5 km network of boardwalks and informal paths, from Fairy Creek Bridge on Squires Way in the south, through to Elliotts Road, Fairy Meadow.

Please note, cycling is not allowed within Puckeys Estate. You can use the shared pathway adjacent to this protected reserve.

Want to help protect this valuable site? Puckeys Estate is a Bushcare site, and new volunteers are always welcome.


Puckeys can be entered from the south via a pedestrian boardwalk located adjacent to the Fairy Creek Bridge on Squires Way, North Wollongong. From the north you can enter from Elliots Road, Fairy Meadow.